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A page for inspiration, help and examples from the HiØ Makerspace.


Lill Kristin Nordahl - Master in Computer Science - Mail:
Michael Andersen Lundsveen - Master in Computer Science - Mail:
Erik Rasmussen - Master in Computer Science - Mail:
Nicolai Naglestad - Bachelor in Computer Science - Mail:


Here you find a list of some things available at makerspace


Gaming Devices

  • Wii Remote Control
  • PS Move Control
  • Kinect

Finding Help

Resources to get started making things.

PS Move


WII Remote


Examples & Tutorials

Examples and tutorials from students:

PS Move:

Wii Motion
Exertion Game

Other examples tested @makerspace

  • Magic Crystal Mood Ball [[4]]
  • Processing Super Mario Game [[5]]
  • Quantified self: FriendTracking [[6]]

Arduino Bluetooth Baud Rate

BluetoothMate has a standard baud rate of 115200. arduino modules often work best with 57600 instead. so here is an easy way to change the baud rate of your bluetooth module to fit your arduino. n a few steps: First you need a FTDI adapter to reconfigure your Bluetooth module's baud rate.

1. Connect the FTDI adapter to your computer via USB and the FTDI adapter to your Bluetooth Mate (GND->GND, VCC->VCC, TX->RX, RX->TX).

2. Establish a serial connection. I always connected the module to my PC with Putty or HyperTerminal respectively Zterm on Mac. When launching ZTerm, hold down the Shift key so you can select a port. Select the usb port of your ftdi adapter. Choose 115200 as baud rate under connection.

3. Once you got connection, type $$$ which enters the command mode. The terminal should reply with CMD then type SU,57 terminal should return AOK (this sets the baud rate to 57600) then type --- and press return to exit the command mode.

Thats it. Works like a charm

Wish list

Something missing?

Wish list for projects specific supplies. If you want something for your project it has to be written here, general MakerSpace supplies can be requested in the list below.

Project Name Item Name Student Name

NB: All wishes needs to be marked with a name

All wishes marked X are ordered.

Arduino Wishlist

Raspberry Pi Wishlist

Lily Pad Wishlist

Other Wishes



Self-Balancing Bot
Add for Autonomous Bot


Loaned items

Please add yourself to the table below if you borrow stuff from MakerSpace. NB! You hvae to request permission to borrow stuff from MakerSpace!!

Name Items borrowed Date borrowed
Jonas Bro Arduino Starter Kit 01-09-14
Gruppe 5 Integrerte IT-Systemer Arduino + GSM-Shield + Raspberry Pi B+ with powercord (no sd card) 10-12-14
Susanne Stigberg 2 lipo 1200mah + 1 lipo 500mah + 1x lipo usb 07-11-2014
Einar von Krogh Raspberry Pi B+ with powercord + 8GB MICROSDHC + Raspberry Pi Camera + some jumperwires 01-02-2015