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The exam date is November 25th. Information regarding the exam can be found in slide deck 10a-Project.pptx, found at Fronter.

Sample from lecture 14th of November:

[ResponseType(typeof(Byte[]))] public HttpResponseMessage Get(int id) { byte[] image = System.IO.File.ReadAllBytes($"D:\\HiOf\\HiOf-2016-høst\\ImagesSample\\Images\\{id}.jpg"); HttpResponseMessage result = new HttpResponseMessage(HttpStatusCode.OK); result.Content = new ByteArrayContent(image); result.Content.Headers.ContentType = new MediaTypeHeaderValue("image/jpg"); return result; }

The final hand in date has been extended to November 10th.

The faculty is not able to provide a TA for the course.

Mandatory exercises will therefore be handled in the following fashion: 1) All exercises must be handed in before 1st of November, Fronter will close after that date 2) Optional to follow the dates set on the exercises 3) Exercises handed in will NOT be corrected, all will be approved by default 4) Please submit all exercises in Fronter, i.e. re-hand in Exercise 2 and 5 to Fronter

Welcome to the wiki for .NET fall 2016!

For exercises and exercise resources see veiledning .NET.

Lectures are on Mondays from 10:15-14:00 in D1-052, and Fridays 12:15-14:00 in D1-053. See time table

Slides and other resources from the lecture will be published in Fronter | .NET | Archive. New samples and slides will be uploaded as soon as possible after lectures.

Sample from delegate lecture ("07a-Delegates-Lambdas-Events"):

using System;

namespace DelegateSample { class Program { delegate int SculiDelegate(int sculiInt);

static void Main(string[] args) { var sculiDelegate = new SculiDelegate(Sqr); var res1 = sculiDelegate(5);

SculiDelegate sculiDelegate2 = delegate (int aNumber) { return aNumber * aNumber; }; var res2 = sculiDelegate2(5);

SculiDelegate sculiDelegate3 = x => x * x; var res3 = sculiDelegate3(5);

Func<int, int> sculiDelegate4 = x => x * x; var res4 = sculiDelegate4(5); }

static int Sqr(int number) { return number*number; } } }